White Сollar Investigations

Russia & CIS countries

white collar investigation russia
White collar investigations in Russia & CIS countries are undertaken much more often today by corporate entities which compelled to respond to the different sort of allegations. Internal investigation is a necessary prerequisite to uncover the facts, maintain management integrity and fulfill obligations to shareholders.
If a company  undertakes an internal investigation, it can conduct the investigation in-house through its internal auditor or compliance expert. This is generally the most cost-effective approach in the short term but the most risky. It runs the risk that tasked with investigating itself, the company will lack a sufficient objectivity. Or it may not have enough experience to adequately protect itself in the investigative process. If an outside consultant heads up the effort and the analysis, the advice of that consultant may be more comprehensive and objective. Our internal investigation and white collar investigations in Russia might focus, as for example, on:  
  • bid-rigging and contract collusion among competitors / vendors
  • unlawful collusive trading
  • self-dealing / conflicts of interest
  • price-fixing by agreeing with competitors 
  • kickbacks / unlawful payments in connection with an award
  • internal fraud by means of ghost employees / false suppliers / bogus customers
  • misappropriation of a company’s funds through manipulation of accounting data 
  • vendor fraud 
  • theft of property
The need for internal investigation often arises suddenly, but an ill-considered response creates more problems than it resolves. Thoughtful, proactive planning will reduce mistakes and ensure conformity to the required standards. 
Investigations are often controversial because the stakes are extremely high for individuals involved. Legal challenges around investigations, or action taken on foot of their findings, are frequent and difficult. Especially, if investigation errors are repetitive or significant. Good investigation practices will lead to legally defensible outcomes whatever the investigation uncovers.
When an internal investigation focuses on conduct that potentially implicates company management, it is especially crtitical that the investigating experts be viewed as independent.