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Russia & CIS countries

Dispute Litigation Forensic Russia
Our dispute & litigation consulting services in Russia & CIS countries bring a critical investigative support into challenging proceedings. We combine forensic, financial, valuation and economic expertise to provide essential support to legal counsel. We act as advisors or as independent experts so that to provide expert evidence. 
In today’s increasingly complicated business environment, business owners and their attorneys rely upon independent experts to provide thorough financial and related analyses. Disputes arise when the parties disagree on the substance of certain terms or obligations stipulated in the contract.
Proceedings before Russian arbitral institutions are different from those used in the global arbitration centres, with more emphasis on documentary evidence, usually no room for document production and limited use of witness evidence. These proceedings require specialist representation and extensive local experience. Business litigation depends on proving or disproving a particular matter through the use of evidentiary documentation. Often, documentation is massive and contains business records and financial data imperative to many cases. Our forensic accountants are experts capable of assisting litigation teams in finding and understanding pertinent information provided within these documentation.
There are many roles forensic accounting plays in litigation cases which decide certain facts of a case that are in dispute. A forensic accountant can also provide many auxiliary litigation services, such as: fraud examination, valuation of business or intellectual property, discovery assistance, computation of damages and development of strategy. Our experts deal with insurance claims, commercial, shareholder, restructuring and cross-border disputes and perform: 
  • review of pre- and post-closing metrics
  • economical and financial expertise 
  • drawing up of argumentation in contexts such as commercial disputes, competition, post-acquisitions disputes
  • review of compliance with financial covenants
  • contractual and accounting calculation
  • interpretation of consistently applied accounting language
  • valuations – fairness opinions, company valuations, valuations of intangible assets, purchase price allocations and impairment tests, statutory appraisals 
In commercial dispute, arbitration, litigation consulting in Russia or abroad, it may be also necessary to calculate damages, actual loss incurred and expected profit loss. These calculations are based on assumptions and projections about what would have or could have happened if a particular party had behaved differently.
It is important to involve a forensic accountant early in case development. 
Also important to discovery are depositions of financial and management personnel. Having a financial expert such as a forensic accountant present helps litigation teams better understand the information provided by personnel. We can assist in formulating more meaningful follow up questions and request the necessary documents to perform comprehensive analysis.