Investing in land based salmon farming 

Investing in the land based salmon farming means to be on time with a global trend. Technology and innovation, there is no more dramatic example at the moment than land-based aquaculture. Last year was filled with news of an ever-increasing number of land-based operations being built or coming on line. From the much-anticipated Atlantic Sapphire land-based salmon farm in Florida to on-land shrimp operations. Land-based farming using RAS is the hottest trend of the new year.
Between USD 100-130 billion is required to cover production for the projected supply shortfall of at least 50 million metric tonnes by 2030. In the shorter-term, the shortfall is predicted to be 16 million metric tonnes by 2020, which will need capital of between USD 30-40 billion to reach required production. Approximately USD 20 billion of this is needed for China alone.  
Financing aquaculture farming in Russia
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Financing farming in Russia
In order to launch a full scale farm (total investment for the Phase I – CAPEX & working capital – is around 30 mln EURO), the second round of equity financing is currently required. In case of interest, please, contact us