Management Consultants in Russia

As management consultants in Russia, we specialize in turning problems into profits. We facilitate business growth through a robust approach that links M&A screening, strategy and due diligence analysis. 


Year after year, across companies of all sizes and industries, researches show that over 50% of all transformative initiatives fail. Failed strategies result from isolated strategic planning which is not able to balance the imperative to sustain core business model while preparing the company for the future.

Strategy, as it is sold by global consulting firms, sometimes is a pipe dream. Why? Because it is possible to plan everything sitting in a boardroom, but once the game has started, there is a lot of improvisation. The best companies succeed because they keep execution discipline in the focus. Therefore, often there is a enourmous usefulness to the process improvement consulting versus developing the big elusive strategy. Our management consultants are ready to support the improvement process by its implementation through interim management solutions in Russia.


Our management consultants support growth of business through M&A in Russia. It is a real shortcut to acquire capabilities rapidly to stay ahead of the competition. It has the potential to generate additional value by means of increased market share, enhanced product offerings and diversified product line, horisontal or vertical integration and access to the newer technologies.

 In turnaround situations, management consultants face complex challenges.  In a restrained time and with limited resources, they have to identify the root cause of problems and determine the best response to implement. Our management consultants facilitate the process not only by analyzing  the data and updating the strategic plan, but by actively supporting the company in its turnaround execution.

Our combination of expert know-how, strategy consulting and the assumption of real operational responsibility sets us apart from the competition in Russia.