Business Plan Preparation

Business plan preparation will help you attract the financial support in Russia. We call that a bankable business plan. A bankable business plan shows potential investors and bankers that you are highly profit oriented and that you clearly understand your competitive environment, and the risks of your project. 
The business plan preparation is a thorough and detailed process that is different than the concise approach for an investor presentation. It is a document with a specific purpose – it will create a roadmap for the successful presentation of your business. There will be multiple steps in this roadmap – starting with analysis of the major trends in the industry, of economic, social and regulatory factors, moving on to company market and products, operating and financial plans, and concluding with an actionable project plan that defines main milestones, their timetable and why you are confident you can achieve them
A business plan has two purposes: to outline your company’s roadmap to success and to demonstrate your potential to lenders. Your business plan should include:
Executive Summary. Quickly clarify your vision and clearly outline your goals. This section of the document will help the reader decide if he or she wants to take the time to read the rest of the plan!
Business Description. Begin with a short summary of your industry. Include market trends, new products and potential opportunities. Next, detail your specific business: what products/services do you offer? A common question investors ask is what you feel is the “secret weapon” that sets your business apart – answer this in your description.
Competitive Analysis. Who are you fighting for clients and customers? What are the market gaps that these other businesses are failing to cover – and how do you propose to step in? Who has succeeded and who has failed to serve your market – and what will you do differently? The competitive analysis should answer all of these questions.
According to theory, the performance of a company within a market is directly related to the possession of key assets and skills, Therefore, an analysis of strong performers should reveal the causes behind such a successful track record. 
Customer Analysis. Who are your target customers? Include their demographics, interests and needs.
Marketing Plan. How will you reach your target customers? A marketing plan establishes how you will brand your product while identifying the promotional tactics and channels you will use to communicate your messages.
Operations & Management Plan. Describe how your business functions on a day-to-day basis. Detail the roles and responsibilities of your team. Outline the milestones you want to hit both short-term and long-term.
Financial Plan. Include your current financial information, how much external funding you need to grow your company and where that money will be invested. Show your projected revenues and profits over the next few years.